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Training from National Instruments

Together, the National Instruments training and certification programs deliver the fastest, most certain route to increased proficiency and productivity using NI software and hardware.

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NI training helps you build the skills to more efficiently develop powerful, maintainable applications.

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The Value of NI Training

Learn how trained NI customers develop 50% faster and spend 43% less time on maintenance.

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Course Offerings

LabVIEW Core 1

The LabVIEW Core I course is the first step in any LabVIEW learning path. LabVIEW Core I introduces you to the LabVIEW environment and features, dataflow programming, and common LabVIEW architectures in a hands-on format.   Click here for more information




LabVIEW Core 2

The LabVIEW Core II course teaches you to develop complete, stand-alone applications with LabVIEW. This course, an extension of LabVIEW Core I course, introduces you to common development techniques for successfully implementing and distributing LabVIEW applications for research, engineering, and testing environments.  Click here for more information





Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning

During the course, you get hands-on experience installing and configuring data acquisition hardware and you learn to use data acquisition software functions to build your application. Although LabVIEW is the application software used during the class, non-LabVIEW users using the NI-DAQmx API will also benefit by learning about analog input, triggering, analog output, digital I/O, counters, signal conditioning, and synchronization.
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LabWindows/CVI Core1

Learn to design powerful multithreaded applications using built-in features such as Internet communication, DLLs, and ActiveX. Also explore how to create powerful UIs using active menus, canvas controls, and toolbars.

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TestStand 1

Learn how to develop practical test applications using NI TestStand tools as well as the best way to integrate NI TestStand into your test platform. Explore how to customize items such as the operator interface, users, reports, and process model as well as advanced features such as multithreading and multi-UUT (unit under test) testing.   Click here for more information