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Frequently Asked Training Questions

What are the benefits of NI training?

NI training courses are the fastest, most certain route to productivity with NI tools and successful application development. They:

  • Shorten your learning curve and increase your application-development success when using NI products
  • Save you development time and cost over the application life cycle by teaching you important techniques and key features to architect your application
  • Help you develop larger, scalable applications that you can easily maintain and reuse
  • Give you the opportunity to interact with an experienced certified instructor and discuss ideas and problems with the instructor and fellow students
  • Provide you with multiple formats to learn the material whether it be in a local classroom setting, on-site at your company, online or using self-paced tools


NI tools are easy to use, so why do I need training?

NI products, such as NI LabVIEW software, are easy to use compared to other products on the market. However, the complexity of many user applications requires in-depth guidance and design concepts, which you learn in NI training. Training ensures you have a good understanding of the products before you design and develop your applications.

NI has invested more than 20 years in buillding the fastest, most thorough and effective approach to learning NI tools. Training reduces your application costs becuase you learn how to write applications that are easier to maintain and reuse. Learning these scalable techniques and features in the early stages of your LabVIEW application development project helps you meet schedule, cost and quality objectives.


How can I justify training costs and time? I have neither the budget nor the time to train.

To meet your schedule and cost objectives, you need to find the time and budget to become effective and skilful in using NI products. NI hands-on courses are the fastest way to gain the knowledge to become productive with NI tools. Formal training helps you become proficient much quicker than using the trial-and-error approach. NI training helps you make deadlines and eliminate development costs associated with redesign and code rewrite due to poor application design and organisation.


Can't I learn on my own?

When you learn on your own, you build your own training programme (consiciously or not). NI has invested years developing courses to the highest level for you to successfully learn NI tools. You learn much more thoroughly, quickly and cost-effectively by attending NI classes. Self-learning is often a hit or miss proposition, which can create problems for the development effort such as redesign, code reqrites and reduced application performance. The self-learning process can also suffer from the everyday distractions in the workplace.


How many people do I need to have a class held on-site at our facility?

NI holds all formal training courses on-site at your facility for as few as five students or as many as ten per class.
If you have eight or more students to train, or if travel and lodging costs are prohibitive, on-site training is more cost-effective for your organisation versus attending public scheduled classes. Another advantage of having classes at your facility is that NI can tailor classes to meet your specific training needs.